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Combine sustainability and style with a product that halves installation time

When it comes to projects, we know there is a checklist of key things to look for, with design, cost and durability being the major ones, with sustainability often being the deciding factor. However, when it comes to cost, a hidden factor that is sometimes overlooked is time. Finding a product that meets all the key criteria and that can halve* the installation time is therefore a major benefit.

As a way to “Keep The Project Moving” Altro recommends their award winning adhesive-free flooring. The ability to create maximum impact and to afford minimum downtime.

The adhesive-free technology means no damp-proof membrane (DPM), resulting in quicker installation, especially where speed of installation critical. Also avoiding adhesive odours is beneficial to wellbeing!

In fact, there are a number of great reasons to opt for the Altro adhesive-free flooring ranges.

Flooring can be welded and walked on the same day, and at the end of its life it can be removed easily, reused, or recycled.

The Highlights

  • Halves installation time, minimises downtime*
  • Meets sustainability goals - 10% recycled content, 100% recyclable post-consumer
  • Safety floor and smooth floor options
  • 10-year product guarantee

Save money – save costs on disposal by diverting your waste from landfill or recycling the floor and reusing it.

Meets design briefs – 65 inspirational and decorative solutions for all application areas.

Comfort - sound reduction and comfort underfoot options – 14dB impact sound reduction, great for noisy environments, plus comfort underfoot (Altro Wood-adhesive-free, Altro Cantata)

Lifetime Value – with 15-year life expectancy and 10-year guarantee you needn’t fear that an adhesive-free product will let you down.

Sustainable wellbeing – enhanced Altro Easyclean technology helps to reduce general dirt pick-up and staining and improves the floor’s scuff-resistance, so fewer abrasive cleaning products are required.

Easy maintenance – an adhesive-free floor is a great problem-solver. Subfloors will stay clean from adhesive; and easy access to the subfloors for maintenance or repairs means less damage to floors and walls.

And not forgetting saving time – with an adhesive-free floor’s speed of installation you can easily return to service within 24 hours. Closing a busy space for a lengthy period is not an option, so by installing an adhesive-free floor the work can be completed quickly so that traffic flow is uninterrupted.


3 Great Ranges to chose from

Altro XpressLay™

safety flooring, the original award-winner

Altro Wood™ adhesive-free

safety flooring, 14dB sound reduction, comfort underfoot and one in a million slip-resistance reassurance

Altro Cantata™

smooth floor, 14dB sound reduction and comfort underfoot



For more details visit the Altro website and ask your SASGO representative to show you samples.



*based on substrate condition: a 200m2 corridor would be laid in two days compared with four days with an adhered floor covering, with an approximate 20% cost saving.

University of Sheffield with Altro Cantata on the floor
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