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Save Time and Money Preparing Floors


Wolff machines are designed to make your work much easier, providing time and cost savings compared to manual labour. But which machine should you hire? The size of the area, type of work and the permissible noise level on site should be considered. For floor stripping machines, other aspects such the type of floor covering or type of adhesive used with the respective covering also needs to be contemplated.


The WOLFF Duro is ideal for small to medium sized areas and is particularly good for removing carpet and vinyl. However, very rigid flooring, e.g. linoleum or rubber flooring may represent a problem. For these situations, a larger more powerful machine like the WOLFF Turbo Stripper should be used because they remove the most stubborn of floor coverings. If noise levels need to be kept to a minimum we recommend hiring a Wolff Vario-Stripper which has a very quiet motor.


Wolff have grinding machines which provide fast subfloor preparation. The WOLFF NEO 230 is a pure and very powerful grinding machine ideal for small to medium sized areas or edge work. It generate up to 1500 rpm for exceptional grinding results.

On the other hand the Wolff Samba is multi-purpose machine which can be used for sanding, grinding and cleaning depending on what disc and attachments are used. It is ideal for small to medium sized areas, whereas the WOLFF MAMBO EVO is a larger and heavier multi-purpose machine designed for bigger areas. These machines are ideal if a variety of work is being performed other than grinding. They are designed to operate at low speeds (approx. 154 rpm) but by using the right disc and diamond segments, the performance can be improved.


Once you have selected the right machine, another critical aspect is selecting the proper blade or diamond segment. Irrespective of the machine type, performance stands or falls with this choice. Depending on what floor covering needs to be removed or which material needs to be ground from the substrate a different blade or segment is required. Wolff Tools can help recommend the right blade or segment to use to ensure you get the best outcome.



The SASGO Tool Hire Manager is able to help with all your requirements and advise on the best machines for any job. SASGO is also an official Wolff Repair Centre - visit our Tool Hire page for more details of our hire service. For more information about Wolff Tools visit their website.

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